When PUSH comes to shove

November 5, 2010, 1:22 pm
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We have a question we would like to pose to you all  – is this a ‘must-have’? (please do leave us a comment with you thoughts…)

The opinions are varied in the office, on one side there is Katharine who has already chosen which she would like on her Christmas List. Then the polar opposite, Ian, who thinks it’s like eating a pot noodle in the office – wrong on every level.

The new One-Piece has had a media storm surrounding it since the launch in October. Being a love-child of last years slanket (sleeved blanket) and some kind of Juicy Couture tracksuit, it did surprise us all that Sadie Frost had been pictured (outside the safety of her own home) in a snugly purple One-Piece. Frost isn’t the only one, with Rihanna, Pixie Geldof, Davina McCall and Nick Grimshaw all jumping on the baby gro bandwagon.

This fleecy tracksuit has fashion credibility too. Carine Roitfeld, Editor of French Vogue, was photographed wearing a One-Piece variation at Paris Fashion Week, followed a week later by Josephine de la Baume stepping out dressed in a nude onesi teamed with leather knee-high boots, the latter not quite pulling it off.

Grazia, The Evening Standard and The Time have all covered this item, with The Times labelling it “This Seasons Hot Item”. But is it?

Grazia had a point: It’s great for the “post-club/hangover/avoiding paying the heating bills way”, but leaving your house in it is a whole other story.

Our style advice, if your going to do it, do it properly. Team your One-Piece and some Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots and head out on the town.

If this sounds right up your street – the One-Piece can be found here.


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Erm, to me it’s all a bit too adult baby….whatever floats your boat though. It takes all sorts as they say!

Comment by Emma Hart

Love it!! Ha ha

So on my Xmas list


Comment by Lindsey

Haha, they had these for sale in Primark before summer – my friends went mad for them! I’m not the biggest fan though.

Comment by Keri

Are you having a laugh?! now seriously come one. This is when fashion followers go one step too far. Why would you you ever want to look like a big baby walking down the street??? This really all too much,I am in despair.

Comment by Olivia

As crazy as they look, they do look like the perfect thing to roam around the house in whilst nursing a hangover! I wouldn’t complain if I found one under the tree 🙂 haha x

Comment by Eve Janine

In the house…never to leave the house…even in an emergency?

Comment by pushpr

Urgh… Andy Pandy meets The Flumps! Me no likey! xx

Comment by FortyNotOut

Hurrah! Your comment made us laugh out loud!!!

Comment by pushpr

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