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The Belle Collection – Jasper Garvida SS11
September 21, 2010, 4:19 pm
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Jasper Garvida’s designs are just as adorable as the man himself. Backstage throughout the day he took time to speak to everyone, pose for numerous photos and answer countless questions from bloggers and journalists alike (including Alex Loves who we got a cheeky snap of), all while directing the cast of models and dressers. Possibly the calmest designer we know, there was no chaos, with towering models (also known as baby giraffes) getting ready with limited confusion and fuss. Jasper was on top form throughout the day congratulating competition winners, air kissing and joking wherever applicable, while keeping an eye on his watch. It made for a rather perfect working atmosphere (there was also a puppy who happily ate the Tony & Guy hair brushes). Of course the show, yet again, was sponsoured by Miele who provided goodie bags for the VIP’s.

The look for the hair was inspired by Degas’s ‘Ballet Dancers’ where the hair was swept up into high buns adorned with sugar pink and white candy floss hair pieces, some being decorated with jewel encrusted headbands, while the make-up remained neutral with muted pastel eye shadow.


Having a look at the clothes backstage, we knew we would be in love. Ruffles, pleats and sequins is a tick in every girls box. A fresh colour palette of pastel pink and purples and neutral earth tones are used, reminiscent of the French impressionist colours used by Degas, Monet and Seurat. The collection is the epitome of femininity; from the baby doll dresses, to the oversized of corsages and ballerina skirts.


Sweet sheer cocktail dresses, knee skimming pleated skirts and sequined tops all flew down the catwalk to the sound of Robyn, Bodyrockers and culminating in Example’s ‘Kickstart’, while the audience perched on the edge of their seats.

The footwear was a collaboration in itself – Upper Street for Jasper Garvida. What better way to match the stunning collection than beautiful bespoke shoes specifically designed to compliment ‘Belle’. Skyscraper gladiators with natural snakeskin, double ankle straps and studs toughened the feminine collection, with all the shoes being designed by Jasper himself.


The ‘Belle’ collection represents a combination of stylistic sophistication and femininity. Its combination of silk organza, brocade, jersey and voile combined with accents of cloque and interlaced bias binding compliment the hand-embellished striped details and exclusively printed pieces. This unique collection combines the highest quality finishings with a sophisticated flattering silhouette resulting in a stunning collection that personifies the fresh optimism and alternative bohemian lifestyle found in Paris in the 50s.

All Photographs were taken by Hannah or found here


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Gorgeous-Stunning and I absolutely loved it. Ten or so minutes of heaven where I lost myself in the wonderful world of fashion xx

Comment by FortyNotOut

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