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What to Wear
June 22, 2010, 11:58 am
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Glastonbury nearly upon us. So close it’s almost in touching distance. The excitment is honestly nearly busting out of my lungs.

Along with the standard hunter wellies, pop-up tent and cheap rain-jacket combo I thought I would share with you some of the delights I will be taking to this years festival.

The obvious things first. The hand-gel, deodorant, dry shampoo, baby wipes and vaguely nice smelly stuff. Also to add to this I have a supply of Henna and glitter paint from Avaa.co.uk. The tubes are big enough to share, so prepare for glitterati pictures upon my return.

Take note of the cute hair band. Towards the end of the festival, it’s always a good thing to divert eyes from your dirty legs, hair, face with something polka dot on your head. This one is from Swagger & Swoon.

 Next we have the cheeky vintage finds courtesy of Gigi Vintage. This playsuit is to die for! Paired with an Andrea Garland Vintage Lip Balm necklace, it ticks the practical and stylist boxes.

The perfect festival bag needs to be small but sturdy. This is another Gigi Vintage find, a Mulberry cross-body. It screamer farmer festival chic.

And now for a few more outfit variations. Barbour wax jacket – vintage. Tshirt – H&M. Cardigan – Gigi Vintage.

A simple MUST HAVE. If you plan on getting any sleep at all, then you need to invest in a good eye mask. This one is lavender filled so you have a great deep sleep. Available to buy from Holistic Silk.

And finally a close up of the Andrea Garland lipbalm necklace, along with the rose balm, which you will need, for pure sanity if nothing else.

As you can see, still need a few more outfits… What are you taking to festivals this year? What other essentials have I missed?


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where’s poppy the pop up tent? that’s a pretty big essential, no??!

i will be decending on sunday, clean and fresh for one day only (i can’t be smug, it’s only one day not 3/4…) but will be taking loo roll / brolly / straw hat


Comment by Kathryn

Poppy the pop up didn’t make it into the pictures. But she will be attending. On my back, and staying with me for the entire festival.

You will be there Sunday?!?! Woooaaahhh why didn’t I know this already?

Comment by pushpr

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