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Comics are Cool
May 24, 2010, 2:53 pm
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Being a secret comic book geek myself and having original Superman and Batman comics (passed down from my dad) I was excited to hear that I had something in common with lyrical genious VV Brown.

VV Brown, alongside music video producer David Allain and fellow comic collaborator Emma Price decided to set up a 7 comic saga (each sold with a instumental sound track) called ‘The City of Abacus’. This moody noir style monochrome comic book is set in an imanginary land ruled by a corprut Queen. Apparently the saga is a “long twisted journey of suprise, rejection, incest, love, politics and mystry”, so whats not to love?! It seems to tick all the comic book boxes.

With the lead character having a slightly familiar vintage-coiffed retro hair-do, its a clear nod to the direction comics are going. They are on the up in trendy-land.

Maybe in a few months comic book fans will leave their bedrooms, mix in public circles and get some well needed vitamin D. BRING IT ON!



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